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Expanding HOPE

2022 Office Expansion Campaign

Hope is on the horizon. Let's make it a reality.

You can make HOPE a Reality
Three ways to make a difference

The FJC is in desperate need to expand our space to not only keep up with the exponential increase in clients seeking our services but also to improve the quality of service.
Support your community and make HOPE a reality for everyone! 

1. Donate
There's a lot that does into an expansion and the costs add up. A donation of any amount will make HOPE a reality.

2. Explore Naming Opportunities
There are a multitude of naming opportunities that will ensure the FJC is able to support thousands of victims for years to come!

3. Take a Tour
Come take a tour of the expansion space and see the possibilities for yourself!
Expanding HOPE Donor Wall
Thank you for making a difference!
Thank you to the Thomas P. Raley Foundation for their lead gift of $115,000
  • St. Michael's Episcopal Church
  • Kelly Foundation
  • Pacific Coast Building Products
  • Chargin's Bar and Grill
  • Teri Lucas
  • Gael Strack
  • Melissa Borrelli
  • Wendy Hubbs
  • Tom and Linda Pera
  • Nicholas and Catherine Jacobs
  • Brian Hall
  • Marielle Tsukamoto
  • Patrice and James Coyle
  • Christopher Saal
  • John and Julia Merris Coots
  • Women Lawyers of Sacramento
  • Sacramento County Supervisor Phil Serna
  • Sacramento County Supervisor Patrick Kennedy
  • Nancy Smith
  • Jackie Taber
  • Jackie Boor
  • Steve Goins
  • Patricia Rahrer
  • Marcy Friedman and Paul Kaufman
  • David Cropp
  • Barbara Najera
  • Sheri and Patrick Cannon
  • Susan Peters
  • Georgeann and Richard McKee
  • Albert Souza
  • Jenny Clark
  • Melinda Stawicki
  • James and Barbara Eychaner
  • Scott and Sue Gylling
  • Rick and Susanna Minard

Domestic Violence & the Pandemic

Domestic violence has skyrocketed in the grip of COVID-19.   


Demand for our services continues to increase exponentially. In 2021, the SRFJC served more than 6,000 victims - 39% more than 2020 and 200% more than 2019.

Clients Chart

Once COVID-19 hit our region, the Sacramento Regional Family Justice Center leadership team anticipated there would be an increase in domestic violence, so we made the early decision to keep our doors open during the pandemic. 

The FJC has remained open for walk-in, pro bono wrap-around services from 8:30 to 5:00 Monday through Friday. COVID-19 or not, there is no replacement for in-person, face-to-face support for domestic violence and elder abuse victims in crisis.  This explains why the domestic violence community-based programs that paused their in-person support began referring many of their clients to our Center.  

To date, the FJC has never turned any victim away! That being said, our already stretched resources are at a breaking point to serve the continuing increased numbers of domestic violence victims, elder abuse victims and children.

Our 6,300 sq/ft office is home to 19 staff, 10 interns and volunteers, 8 on-site community partners, and the SAFE Center which inhabits 1,000 square feet of the office. Some staff are even working from the kitchen so the case managers and attorneys have private space to meet with their clients. We can, and should, do better for our staff and the victims we serve.

We have identified 5,700 sq/ft for expansion that will include 11 client meeting rooms, a 600 sq/ft training room, 2 family and child therapy rooms, a healthcare clinic, a storage room, and 1000+sq/ft of open space for cubicles.

Our Space: Current and Future

Floor Plan

HOPE is on the horizon. The FJC leadership team have long dreamt about this expansion opportunity. Our vision of multi-disciplinary collaborations, the addition of more on-site partners, the ability to provide wraparound services to more victims, and a community united in our response to domestic violence is finally within reach.

Our Vision

Office Meeting
Private Client Meeting Rooms

The number one need as part of our expansion is private, client meeting rooms. The client meeting rooms are where our case managers and attorneys do the majority of their work with the victims. Our case managers and attorneys need private space to work with the victims where they feel comfortable and safe while also honoring their confidentiality. Private, client meeting space is central to our mission and the core of day to day operations.

Image by Priscilla Du Preez
Family and Child Therapy Rooms

One the most impactful programs at the SRFJC is our family and child therapy. We have 2 full time therapists on staff and need more space for them to meet with their clients. The expansion will include specialized space for them to work with clients and give hope.

Image by Online Marketing
On-site Healthcare Clinic

We're excited that the expansion plan includes a 325 sq/ft Healthcare Clinic. Clients often come into the office needing follow up services from their healthcare provider, and/or a forensic exam for strangulation. Dignity Health and Kaiser have already expressed interest in coming on-site and staffing the clinic.

Training Institute

The expansion plan also includes a 600 sq/ft training room that will be home to our Training Institute. The SRFJC Training Institute will offer trauma-informed trainings to law enforcement, medical staff, emergency responders, advocates and others. The mission of the SRFJC Training Institute is to educate law enforcement, emergency responders, medical providers, and advocates on a coordinated, trauma-informed approach to ensure the highest quality of care for domestic violence victims and the safety of first responders.

More Space = More On-site Partners

While we have quite a few on-site community partners, we’d like to strengthen those relationships and welcome more partners to our center. Our vision of multi-disciplinary collaborations, the addition of more on-site partners, and the ability to provide wraparound services to more victims from our community is finally within reach.

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