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CATCH Leadership Academy

Image by Helena Lopes

Child and Teens Creating Hope (CATCH) Leadership Academy is a year-round mentoring initiative that focuses on children and teens exposed to domestic violence and trauma in the Sacramento Region. Led by a full-time program coordinator, we use an evidence and values based curriculum to teach children to believe in themselves, in others, and in others and in their dreams. Developing leadership skills is an essential part of the program.

The CATCH Leadership Academy meets on a monthly basis.

Interested in more information? Please call (916) 875-4673.

Camp HOPE America


Each summer the Sacramento Regional Family Justice Center takes a number of children from the region to participate in our camp programming.


We have the opportunity to use fun-filled avenues to give children who have experienced or witnessed violence and abuse in the home hope for a brighter future. Through a partnership with Gateway Mountain Center in Truckee, CA, campers participate in a variety of activities ranging from field games to rafting to zip line to horseback riding to silly campfire songs. Above all, we give the kids an opportunity to be kids in a nurturing, safe environment. 


By utilizing meaningful activities, we have learned how to create an environment where kids feel safe, seen and heard, encouraged, and cared for. While it is mostly fun and games (which we love!), we also use an evidence and values-based curriculum that teaches campers to believe in themselves, in others, and in their dreams - a core component of our camp program.


Throughout their time at camp, campers are challenged to see self-application and are led in a cabin discussion with peers based around a statement of empowerment like “I am becoming my best self.” This time creates a sweet bond within each cabin and ensures a safe place to process past experiences and dream about a brighter future. The day always ends with a campfire where campers and counselors sing silly songs, discuss the story and statement of the day, and answer the question, “Where did you see hope today?”


Interested in having your child attend Camp or want more information on how to support? Please call (916) 875-4673

Child & Family Therapy

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The SRFJC offers free trauma-informed, client and culturally–centered, child therapy to children who are victims of violence and abuse or secondary victims such as minor siblings. We are proud to employ a full-time licensed marriage and family therapist who specializes in working with children who are victims of abuse and other crimes. 


The goal of children’s therapy is to help them learn how to identify, express and manage feelings, develop problem solving skills, healthy conflict resolution and emotional communication skills in a safe, supportive environment. Most of all, we aim to provide hope.

All services are free. Interested in more information? Please contact Dawn Morris at or (916) 875-HOPE.

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