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FJC Brochure Oct 2022
Sacramento County Strangulation Protocol3
Sacramento County Resource List

A list of resources in Sacramento County for Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, Human Trafficking Services, Immigration Services, Safe Houses, Emergency Shelter, and Law Enforcement.

Sacramento County Strangulation Protocol2

Steps to ensure your safety and the safety of your children when planning to leave an abusive relationship.

Safety Plan Check List
Sacramento County Strangulation Protocol1
Danger Assessment

Make yourself aware of the potential of homicide in situations of abuse and violence.

Sacramento County Strangulation Protocol

A countywide protocol that identifies a standard of care for the assessment and follow-up of victims who report they have been strangled.

Sacramento County Strangulation Protocol
Strangulation Facts

Learn more about the signs and symptoms of Strangulation.


How to assess for strangulation.

Strangulation Assessment Card
Cycle of Violence
Power and Control Wheel

Learn more about how domestic violence and abuse is about power and control.

Publication 1

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