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Before meeting with an attorney, our case managers will assist with intake, listen to your story, and provide resources available to help you through your immediate crisis.  Attorneys are then available to assist with preparing a restraining order petition, which usually takes between one-two hours (If there are children involved, or if you need an interpreter, the process may take a bit longer.)  Depending upon the time a petition is filed with the Court, you may receive your response the same day, but your wait will not be longer than 24 hours.  We can also help serve the perpetrator his/her copy of the restraining order.

You will then be assigned a Court date - approximately three weeks from the time your order is filed.  Once your abuser has been served by our process server, and during that three-week period, your order will be in effect. 

When you come before the judge, a decision regarding a permanent order will be made. You can ask for an order up to five years, but it is up to the discretion of the Court to make that determination.

All services are free.

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