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Caring Child

Shelter and Housing

Housing is the largest, and perhaps the most important issue, facing Sacramento County. Additionally, the difficulties finding affordable, accessible housing and shelter is amplified for victims of domestic violence who are experiencing trauma. This is the reality for so many that come to our center. In fact, 17% of those we serve report homelessness because of domestic violence. 

Focused on increasing survivors’ access to, and retention of stable housing, the SAH program is guided by the safety and self-determination needs of domestic violence survivors and their children. Safe at Home staff provide wraparound services to victims as they find safety and security in long term housing.

Services include: 

  • Case management

  • Temporary Shelter

  • Support finding and obtaining long term housing

  • Financial support for deposit, utilities, moving expenses, rent.

  • Referrals to job training and placement

  • Referrals to education classes to earn a high school diploma

  • Referrals to parenting and/or Alcohol and Drug classes

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